Blue WhatsApp Plus

Everyone needs apps with advanced functionality in our fast-paced technological age. Blue WhatsApp Plus is just a perfect app for all of you to communicate with your loved ones. It offers many incredible features that the original WhatsApp does not have. For example, your security and privacy will be improved.

Now, you can see someone’s status without actually letting them know. In addition, customize your interphase, change themes, block out blue, and many other unique features make blue WhatsApp the most downloaded app in the world.

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp plus

NameBlue Whatsapp Plus
Package namebluewaplus
Requires4.1 and up
Last Updated1 Day Ago

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus?

The Blue WhatsApp Plus app is a turning point of the original WhatsApp created by a separate team of developers. It’s a universal desire for more personal space and special, distinguishing touches. It is something that will simplify your life right now. All deleted messages can be viewed directly, the blue tick and double ticks can be hidden, and the chat’s design can be altered to your liking. Protect yourself from unwanted calls by blocking the number.

You can send huge files and invite as many individuals as you like to the group. Like the original WhatsApp, this one displays a blue logo and strong encryption. So, if you want more features and better security, get the blue WhatsApp Plus now.


New Advanced Themes

Everyone wants their wallpaper to have a stunning design that draws the eye and impresses. Blue WhatsApp allows you to customize the app’s appearance and the chat interface with a wide variety of beautiful, unlockable themes.

Astonishing Colors.

The use of a wide range of colors makes any object more appealing. This feature allows you to choose the interface color to suit your preferences.

Blue WhatsApp Plus

Amazing Designs

Everyone is drawn to aesthetically pleasing designs. The design of the blue WhatsApp Apk is one of its strengths. Altering the interphase or layout is possible. The Interphase can be customized to your liking by changing each chat window’s theme and color scheme.

Blue WhatsApp Plus

Customize according to your choice

Adapt WhatsApp Plus to your specific needs. Alter the look and feel to one of many pre-installed themes. Infinite font options let you personalize your WhatsApp experience with a unique look. What’s even better, though? It’s more appealing and worthwhile to download because you can apply a different theme to each chat screen. It’ll be safer and more attractive to use because of this improvement in privacy.

Blue WhatsApp Plus

New Font Styles

WhatsApp Blue Plus apk allows you to choose from an infinite number of different fonts. With a single thumb click, you can switch to a different typeface. Fonts with a lot of visual appeal and polish will keep you interested for as long as possible. Here’s another justification for upgrading from the standard WhatsApp app to this fantastic fork, which adds functionality that wasn’t there before. No need to be concerned about privacy or security, as it is just as safe as the original WhatsApp.

Blue WhatsApp Plus

New Addition of Wallpapers

Add some eye-catching backgrounds to the chat window. You can use wallpapers from your collection or select one of the many available in the color blue for WhatsApp.

Blue WhatsApp Plus

Why Download Blue WhatsApp Plus?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is an excellent app for a variety of reasons. Get ready for some seriously cool extras you won’t find in simple old WhatsApp. When making changes, developers consider what the public wants and needs. Extraordinary capabilities increase your security and personal privacy.

Some of the mind-blowing features include downloading one’s status, reading one’s deleted messages, hiding one’s online presence, and many more. WhatsApp Plus is an excellent app for a variety of reasons. Get ready for some seriously cool extras you won’t find in simple old WhatsApp. When making changes, developers consider what the public wants and needs.

Extraordinary capabilities increase your security and personal privacy. Some of the mind-blowing features include downloading one’s status, reading one’s deleted messages, hiding one’s online presence, and many more.

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp Plus

Hide Blue Tick

All of us wish we could have a little more personal space. One way to accomplish this is by concealing blue ticks. And the most significant part is you already know it! You may set it so that the blue ticks only show up after you’ve replied, or you can set it so they never appear again. If you don’t want people to know whether you’re available, a hidden setting will prevent even a double tick from showing. As a result, you’ll have more of a sense of privacy and be able to avoid having to interact with people you’d rather not.

Blue whatsapp plus

Hide Specific Chats

Conversations can be hidden behind a pattern lock, screen passcode, or fingerprint. The personal phone number you’d rather no one else knows. It is an excellent option for anyone who values their anonymity and prefers to keep their contact details under wraps. But, of course, it’s best to keep the contact hidden and password protected.

Blue WhatsApp plus

Hide Your Online Status And Typing Status

Additionally, you can turn off this function to hide your online status from your accounts. Choose Privacy from the Settings, set Online Status to Nobody, and click Save. For everyone, the Blue WhatsApp APP APK is straightforward to use. Furthermore, you can conceal your typing state while interacting with others, particularly your friends. Before sending your communications, see what they send you first. You may utilize it day or night without revealing your online status to others. With these premium features, you may have more fun with your friends and colleagues and work anonymously.

blue whatsapp plus

End-to-end encrypted

Your privacy is increased using high-end encryption, making your data more secure. End-to-end encryption ensures that your data is always safe from hackers and other third parties.

Blue WhatsApp Plus

Enjoy Free Calling

Use the free download of the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK to enjoy the free calling feature when you want to talk to others. Additionally, you may have free video and audio chats with anybody anywhere in the globe using this global application without spending a dime. Additionally, it enables you to take advantage of group calls, wherein up to ten individuals may converse simultaneously and without any registration. This authentic blue WhatsApp + APP APK with unlocked capabilities is safe and secure.

Save Status and Profile Image

Additionally, you wanted to save someone’s status to your device’s gallery because you liked it. Then there’s no need to download an additional Android WhatsApp Status downloader. Just click the download link provided to start using the all-in-one app. Indeed! The most recent version of the Blue WhatsApp Plus APP APK may be downloaded and used as a status saver. Users don’t need to obtain permission or download pointless programs to store images and videos. Moreover, you may keep any contact’s profile picture on your Android devices without reserving their phone number—and exchange messages without storing them.

blue whatsapp plus

Send Schedule and Auto Reply Messages

You can also utilize the scheduling messages function of the Blue WhatsApp Plus APP APK for free without having to spend a dime. The most excellent WhatsApp scheduler app, Blue WhatsApp Plus Mod APK, will be downloaded and opened by the user. Next, though, Select a contact or group from your contacts list. Next, please type your message, choose the time and date for sending it, and choose Save. You may also send auto-reply messages with it; if you have a business account, you should use these beautiful capabilities. Just type the auto-reply after downloading it, then save it. This tool saves you and your customer time when you receive a message and need more time.


  • Additional customization options: Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to change your WhatsApp application’s color scheme, typeface, and icon layout. New themes are also available for download from the Blue WhatsApp Plus shop.
  • Additional privacy options: Blue WhatsApp Plus provides extra privacy options not found in the default WhatsApp app. For instance, you can conceal things like blue ticks, status updates, and your last seen status.
  • Unlike the original WhatsApp program, sending bigger files is possible with Blue WhatsApp Plus. Sharing pictures, movies, and documents with friends and family is a breeze with this.
  • New Features: The Blue WhatsApp Plus app frequently receives new features and themes before making them available in the official WhatsApp app. You get first access to the latest and best features because of this.


  • Not endorsed by WhatsApp: WhatsApp does not formally endorse Blue WhatsApp Plus. It means there is no assurance that it will operate as intended or that your account will be allowed.
  • Possibly less secure than WhatsApp’s official app: The regular WhatsApp app is more secure than Blue WhatsApp Plus. It is because WhatsApp did not create it or adhere to the same security guidelines.
  • Possibility of WhatsApp ban: You can be completely barred from using WhatsApp if discovered using Blue WhatsApp Plus. It is due to Blue WhatsApp Plus’s violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service.


How to Download and Install Blue WhatsApp Plus on Android?

  1. Go to the trusted source and type blue WhatsApp plus
  2. Click on the download button to start downloading
  3. After download completion, click on the file
  4. Allow Unknown resources from the settings
  5. Install the app on your Android
  6. Open the app and agree to the terms and conditions
  7. Enter your working number and user name
  8. You will get a WhatsApp code on your provided number
  9. Enter that code and get started with Blue WhatsApp mod plus apk

How to Backup Chat from Blue WhatsApp Plus?

  • Launch the WhatsApp app on your mobile device.
  • Access the Preferences menu: The “Settings” button is typically in the screen’s lower right corner; tap it.
  • Select “Chats” or “Chat Settings” from the Settings menu to access the conversational features.
  • You can back up your chats by selecting “Chat Backup” or “Backup” from the Chats menu. Click it.
  • Select Backup Settings: The Chat Backup settings provide a variety of choices for customizing backups. You can customize the backup schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly) and decide whether or not to save videos.
  • You can back up your Android device to Google Drive or iPhone to iCloud, depending on your platform. Select the appropriate choice if prompted and log in to your Google or iCloud account.
  • The backup procedure can be started after the backup settings, and the backup location have been set up. Select “Back Up Now” or “Start Backup” to begin backing up.
  • It takes some time if your chats and media are large. Keep WhatsApp open and connected to a reliable internet connection until the backup is finished.

How to update Blue WhatsApp Plus?

You may get the most recent version of WhatsApp Blue Apk from the Blue WhatsApp Plus website and install it on your device to keep it up-to-date. It is because installing the newest version of Blue WhatsApp Apk is so simple.

Is using Blue WhatsApp Plus safe?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is an end-to-end encrypted app that protects your privacy and security.


Last but not least, blue WhatsApp Plus is a third-party program that adds further protection without compromising the feel of the original. Your access to cutting-edge, privacy-protecting features is limitless. So get the blue WhatsApp right now; there’s no time to waste.

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus